Professional Installations

Since 2014 our primary focus has been to offer exceptional customer service and professionalism.

Our core service includes:

Helical pile installations and engineered concrete foundation designs.

We also offer helical pile installations with a 4-ton mini-excavator for larger capacity projects or when excavation is required.

Our installations with helical piles are faster than traditional foundations and are permit-approved.

We can offer helical piles up to 8-5/8″ shaft diameter with various helix sizes and configurations.

We often support home additions, pool houses, additional dwelling units, tiny homes, garages, engineered concrete slab foundations, concrete pile caps , covered porches, and new home construction builds throughout Windsor and Essex County.

We also install piles for new home construction builds when sites encounter water in the excavation site and/or poor soil conditions which can be a risk to build on.

Contact us for your garage, addition, pool house, accessory dwelling unit or tiny home helical pile foundation for your project.

We follow industry “best-practice” and our certified, friendly installers will ensure we take extra care of your yard while doing our best to place the piles right where you mark them.

Most installations are completed in under a few hours depending on size of project.

You can count on South West Piling Inc. and Postech Screw Piles for your helical piles and engineer stamped concrete foundation designs.

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