Postech Screw Piles Windsor offers Engineered foundation designs and screw pile installations.

We have an extensive amount of experience installing thousands of helical piles across Windsor Essex County for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Contact us for engineering and screw pile and concrete design.

Our experienced team can assist in choosing and designing the right foundation for your project whether it’s a small deck, a tiny home or an entire two-storey home with full basement.

If helical piles suit the project we can discuss further steps including whether it will be a concrete slab with helical piles or traditional wood floor assembly constructed on piles.

Our helical piles include many types of industry-leading and engineer approved adapters & pile cap hardware.

We can easily and safely support a variety of building methods such as traditional joists & beams, timbers, concrete grade-beams, and edge-thickened slabs.

We understand there are many variables involved with different sites and building techniques, so we are here to adapt to your next project!

We can also provide site preparation and pile installations while maintaining safe and efficient work environments.

Our 1.7 ton mini-excavator can contract the tracks down to 39″ width for limited access areas.

While our 4 ton mini-excavator at 70″ width can handle larger installations.

A properly manufactured helical pile is designed in accordance with helical pile engineering standards and principles through many years of empirical data and extensive testing.

Our engineering Team is well-versed and heavily experienced in helical piles by Postech, and how they function in different soil types.

We are here to help with any challenging site and sub-surface conditions that may arise. Our experience working in restricted access areas is an asset for many building projects.

Saving time over concrete poured foundations and footings, helical piles provide instant load capacity with minimal mess to the job site.

All of our installations include Engineered Letter’s of Conformity ensuring that the piles are correctly chosen for the work and also installed to the correct torque, depth and elevation according to the engineer’s specifications.

Contact us for your helical piles to support a home addition, accessory dwelling unit in Windsor, laneway home, deck, covered porch, pool house, sunroom or any other project you have in mind.